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Tiny Plastics

Supplementary Exhibit to Douglas Coupland’s Vortex

Vortex by Douglas Coupland opened on May 18th, 2018 at Ocean Wise, highlighting ocean plastics through an immersive experience and provocative sculptures. In conjunction to this, the exhibit design team at Ocean Wise were asked to design an exhibit which discusses the scientific effects of microplastics and highlight the research by Dr. Peter Ross of microfibres in the water from washing our clothes.

The main tone of this exhibit was to be didactic but without lecturing the visitors, and provide them with digestible day-to-day changes that could be implemented easily to have a real impact on the oceans.

This exhibit took form in nodes which spread out through all galleries, telling stories collectively while focusing on different stories within the context of each gallery. The challenge of this project was re-purposing underutilized spaces of the galleries.

professional project / 2018

In collaboration with Denise Cymbalist (graphic designer) and Catherine Po (content writer).

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