Plastic Waves

Site-specific Art Installation

Plastic waste in the oceans is overwhelmingly increasing every. single. day. Single-use plastic is affordable, ever so available and easy to use, and it’s all ending up in the oceans. Plastic bottles are mistaken as food for animals, hurting animals ranging from plankton to whales to humans. 

For this reason, the Vancouver Aquarium which is a ocean conservation organization, decided to ban the sale of single-use water bottles on-site, saving about 31,000 bottles per year. 

To kick-start this campaign, the Ocean Wise Art Atrium was revitalized with a new art installation which depicts a scenario of a mega fauna (Humpback whale) swimming through waves of plastic bottles. This provoking installation located outside of the Vancouver Aquarium visible to the public eye, is an attempt to inspire the viewer to join us in saying no to single-use plastic.

installation / professional project / 2014

In collaboration with Denise Cymbalist (graphic designer) and Catherine Po (content writer). 

see me hear me illustration copy.png