Jihee Kim

designer / artist / thinker

extension B

extension B | the body

> exploring empirically our own everyday as meaningful context through rigorous and sensitive investigation of the body in our relationship to things, and collating this data into a visual expression.

in this exercise, I chose the act of using chopsticks.

everyday activity + body exploration/ 2D / individual project / 2014

The Language of Chopsticks

The use of chopsticks during a meal is a dance, and the way in which one dances with the tool is a language of their own. From this rigorous exploration of the use of chopsticks, I’ve concluded that the act of using chopsticks is an idiosyncratic feat-- much like language. We are taught language at a very young age in the most fundamental way, and this way we can argue that the development of one’s language is not peculiar to the individual; however, the way we sound the language, the way we utilize, perform, bodilize the language is indeed idiosyncratic, and therefore an individualistic act. The same can be said for the act of using chopsticks. One learns the most fundamental way of using this tool made of two sticks, to be able to pick up chunks of food, and learns to bodilize the tool over time.