Bit of a type A with some real xyz.

Hello, my name is Jihee Kim.

I am an interdisciplinary designer with a background in exhibit design. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design (B.Des) from Emily Carr University of Art + Design.

To put it simply, I want to practice design that doesn’t just chase aesthetics, but strives for meaningful relationships and a lasting impact, and after having chased this through different mediums such as furniture and exhibit design, I am currently pursuing a Master of Architecture at University of Toronto.

I organize my work through small, medium and large scale, which I interpret as this: small- personal and tangible work, medium- practical and physical work, and lastly, large- big thinking and conceptual work.

Some of my interests are: environment, speculative, social design, design activism, education, coffee, creative talks, belonging, food & culture, oceans, mountains and more.

Get to know me through me work, happy exploring!